Tire Puncture Repair Plug Tubeless Repair Kit Needle Patch Fix Tools

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Car Tubeless Tire Tire Puncture Repair Plug Repair Kit Needle Patch Fix Tool Set
Car Tire Repair Tools Kit with Rubber Strips Tubeless Tire Puncture Studding Plug Set for Truck Motorcycle

1.Emergency Vehicles Puncture Repair Kit for Tubeless Tires.
2.The Car Tire Repair kit will allow you to mend punctures quickly and effectively.
3.Durable Plastic Handles providing great grip.
4.Essential for Vehicles with Tubeless Tires.
5.This Rasper Tool allows Tire hole widening and cleaning.
6.Needle Tool allows Tire Rubber Strip insertion.
7.Useful Tool to keep in the car with spare wheels.

How to use:
1.Remove object that caused the puncture. Insert the rasp tool into hole and slide up and down to roughen and clean the inside of the hole
2.Coat needle tool with rubber cement and slide up and down into hole to lubricate area.
3.Insert a repair plug halfway through slit of needle.
4.Gently push needle through hole until about half inch is left of the plug.
5.Pull split eye tool leaving the plug inserted into hole.
6.Trim excess plug sticking out and let dry. Inflate tire and test for leak

Package Content:
Emergency Tubeless Tire Tire Puncture Repair Tool Kit includes:
1x Rasper Tool.
1x Needle Tool.
1x Rubber Solution.
5x repair Strips.
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