Zinko Air Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

Zinko SKU: ZABJ-05M

Size: 5 Ton Air
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Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack - cast iron base. Turn ordinary manual bottle jack power into air-hydraulic power. When connected to your shop's air lines, these versatile jacks can safely deliver lifting power with the push of a button, for lifting of heavy cars, trucks and other applications.

  • Welded steel construction reduces metal fatigue allowing for a long service life
  • Forged steel base increases resistance to high pressure and increases durability
  • Oil bypass system prevents lifting ram from overextending
  • Safety valve protects hydraulic system from over-load damage
  • In-line filter screen located in air valve prohibits the entrance of contamination into the air hydraulic system
  • Comes with an air vent valve to stop pressure from bleeding in reservoir


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