Zinko Air Pumps with Steel Reservoir

Zinko SKU: ZAP-10

Size: 40 in3
Sale price$362.00
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Air Hydraulic Single Speed Pump. When connected to your shop air lines, Zinko Hydraulic versatile air pumps can safely deliver up to 10,000 psi (700 bar) of hydraulic pressure to cylinders, small presses, and hydraulic tools for lifting, crimping, pipe cutting, pulling, and many other applications.

  • All models feature an internal relief valve to protect system components.
  • Portable to any job site equipped with compressed air. Takes the place of manual pumps, which reduces operator fatigue.
  • A reliable all-metal air motor make for easy maintenance.
  • An internal relief valve helps protect system components.
  • While connecting this pump with multiple cylinders, larger reservoir is more efficient for the applications.
  • With appropriated valves & accessories, these pumps can easily connect and work with 2 to 4 cylinders.
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