Zinko Hydraulic Bottle Jacks with Gauge

Zinko SKU: ZMJ-5P

Size: 5 Ton Mini
Sale price$479.00
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Bottle jack with a forged steel base is a powerful heavy-duty jack that is ideal for use in the automotive, machinery, and construction industries. ZN models are great for general hydraulic jack use and are suitable to many different lifting and pushing applications.

  • Come with Zinko pressure guage. Item# ZPG-25A
  • Welded steel construction throughout reduces metal fatigue allowing for a longer life
  • Unique base forging method increases resistance to high pressure and gives a degree of durability and performance not found in any other comparable product
  • ZN models are usable in multiple positions: upright, angled, or horizontal
  • Special grade steel results in high durability and helps to prevent rust
  • Casting, cylinder, and base are jointed by an electric welding method for high strength and to prevent leaking
  • Needle valve allows you to control the lowering of the ram
  • Heat-treated extension screws provide a low pickup height adjustment and maximum lift height
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